Monday, December 6, 2010

Who's Lookin' Strong (a Sing-Off Diary for the tone deaf)

We've already discussed my lack of talent in the field of music, so I have no place critiquing, at least credibly, these groups, but here are my thoughts.

What Pitch Slapped going home? Is it because of the name? Is it because they are too "Glee"ish

Off the bat in the opening number, The Backbeats and On the Rocks seemed strong.

*Hold on, I am watching this via DVR and cannot believe that Pitch Slapped is going home. Their name, clever yet inappropriate, may be their demise. Or maybe they are too "Glee-ish." Really judges? You sent them packing and kept the "experienced" Jerry Lawson and the Talk of the Town? Their name alone should send them home--too long! I think it was a politically correct move, but not one based on talent. JL and TotT will not win.

Opening song is inspiring. I hope Shrimp has the music in him! His parents definitely have the music in them, but unforutnately, it doesn't sound like as pleasant as we'd like.

 On the Rocks' performance was interesting, disturbingly talented, and I thought the high school group (name escapes me) was predictable and cheesy.

I missed the name of these guys in tuxes, but I like them. Quirky. I think they'll get good marks from the judges for the background singers.

"We're not just singers. We're also a bunch of athletes." That statement just makes me laugh, not because I'm making fun of anyone, but the fact that they have to point it out.

Let me just pause to say that I would truly wet my pants if I ever opened my mouth and a beautiful voice like one of these came out!

What about the awkward guy in Street Corner Symphony? Anyone notice? My prediction is that these guys won't last long either.  Ok, the judges like these guys. Like I said, who am I to judge?

We interrupt for a promo for the 10 o'clock news --rabid  bat at local elementary school! Man, earlier this week it was "Is Houston sinking?" and now a "rabid bat!" Holy smokes! Thank goodness local 2 KPRC is on it!

Backbeat lead singer at first sounds "pitchy." She "could have been a little tighter." There, now do I sound legit? Ok, she's improving after those early deeper notes and is banging it out.

"This Love"--- nice! I like these guys! Now I'm finally getting this judging thing. We like the same thing!
Nice words judgy "pure, raw, unadulterated talent" -- agreed! Shawn having a "musical orgasm" Yes, he was.

After tonight's show I'm putting in my vote for Commit and On the Rocks. Get 'em boys! ( I like the Backbeats too for the strong girl lead vote.)

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