Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Them Ole Cotton Fields Back Home

So it's time to head home to LA. I've been working on laundry in between naps (not mine of course) for the last couple of days and today brings an entirely new challenge.

Today's match-up:

My tendency to over pack VS. one medium suitcase

Yes, my friends. Let the records show, and let history always proclaim that the Christmas 2010 trip is the one in which the large suitcase will remain in the closet and Cowboy will have an easier time packing/unpacking/packing/unpacking the car at each house. My task is simple -- shoes, toiletries, clothes, pajamas -- all must fit.

Can it be done? There is a small piece of hope in my heart. 

Will it be done? Probably not. I foresee all clothing in the suitcase, toiletries in a toiletry shoulder bag I received a few Christmases ago, and shoes? Well, I see shoes possibly having a bag of their own!

Maybe there will be a Christmas miracle, though, and it will all fit.

Will keep you posted. Can't wait to return to a land where signs read, " Boudin, Seafood, Propane." Nothing like that trifecta for a bathroom stop. 


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