Tuesday, December 14, 2010

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The Houston Texans Monday Night Football par-tay is, of course, tarnished by the drama that is Brett Favre coverage and hype of TWO MNF games and his starting streak.  This was earlier.

This morning, the first headline "The End of Several Eras, and the Return to Another" which follows Favre instead of the attempted comeback of the underdog boys from TX. I switched to the Sing-Off when the Ravens began dismantling any hopes of a win and missed Schaub's, Andre's, and Foster's attempts for a W. However, Cowboy came home from the game with mixed emotions. I'm sure the ending and overtime was quite exciting, but turned to quick disappointment with Schaub's interception for a TD to lose the game after such efforts. When he says he's tired of Schaub, it's time. Cowboy's been loyal thus far, but Schaub has disappointed one too many times. Sigh.

Well, the Texans earned the third bullet in this article. We'll settle for that. The boys need to step it up if they want to win the hearts of the media.

There's also this nugget.  I mentioned Bill Simmons before. Read this interview to find out why he's more than just a sports writer, but also an entertainer. He watches The Bachelor after all. Check him out on ESPN's Page 2.  His Mail Bags can get interesting. Search by Subject Archive and you can find fun reads such as this.

Happy Sports (and other) Reading!

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