Monday, December 13, 2010

What's In a Name?

Oh--just everything! And today is a big day in nickname history for Team Loupe.

Thus far Baby Cowboy has been deemed the Cajun Shrimp, a perfect name for the little guy that was growing in my belly and then making his debut into the world. However, let's take a closer look at "shrimp." I say, "shrimp," and you say, "boil," "tiny," "puny," "Bubba Gump," "poboy," -- nothing positive, well unless you're hungry, I suppose.

So without further adieu I introduce the newly named face in town -- The Sheriff! While hesitant at first because Wyatt Earp is not my baby's namesake, I decided it fits much better than Shrimp. He's just growing too much for that title.

 It all started with a duck. This duck.
Wyatt's ped. surgeon broke out a toy for him at our first appointment, coming out saying, "This is for The Sheriff."  Well, we liked it. It stuck. The name, not the duck.

Even better, Wyatt loves this duck. It's perfect for his teething, but it's so tiny that he fumbles quite a bit. We'll have to work on those hands. But I'd imagine it gets pretty slippery with all that drool!

So why will Sheriff stick? Well, what are the qualities of your ideal sheriff? Maybe leadership, honesty, sound judgment, and a knowledge of the law. Throw in a sense of responsibility and a spirit of service for the greater good.

Well, little Sheriff, you are on your way. You definitely know the law in this house. Right now, you ARE the law! (May these other traits find you along the way...)