Friday, January 7, 2011

Friday Fun in the New Year -- The Bachelor Takes Over

Mixing it up a little with these Fifteen Friday Thoughts

1. What's with the obnoxiously shirtless pictures of this latest (second time around) Bachelor? Not a usual Bachelor viewer, I am giving this seemingly controversial season a go.  I'm just catching up now, but cannot believe, wait--it's TV, yes I can believe, how raunchy this is!

2. Working on making my own baby food. Did I slightly burn the sweet potato I was baking tonight and stink up the house? Yes. Oops.

3. So far I am kicking @$$ on my book list for 2011. I am almost finished with A Visit From the Good Squad. To be honest, I started before the New Year, but still, I am almost done, and found the ending quite intriguing. We aren't even halfway through January, and I am knocking one off. I am still waiting on my three recommendations from Michelle. That's a hint. Now we'll really see if you read my blog. ;)
I might also have to add some novels from other top 10 lists. Mockingjay seems to be a must-read as well.

4. Christmas decorations are down. They are not picked up. Why is there no "decoration fairy" to put up and take down these nuggets of seasonal joy? There is a soap fairy to refill the hand soap and a toilet paper roll fairy to change it out (she doesn't drop by here often). Come on imaginary world. Explore your options.

5. We are jumping back to the bachelor--Quotables anyone? "Dentistry is an art form, and the mouth is my canvas." (That's for you Dad.) "He doesn't know it yet, but I'm actually his wife." "I'm a manscaper!" Where did they find these women?!?! And what's with the fashion marketer's metaphor? Finding a husband is like finding a pair of shoes? No, doesn't work. And now FANGS? What?!

6. I'm missing some REAL reality television. Why, FOX, why must I wait until the summer for So You Think You Can Dance?

7. The first graders in my CCE class are obsessed, just completely enthralled, with the bathroom connected to our classroom. A pre-school room hosts our weekly class, and what do preschoolers need for their bathroom needs? Well, a toilet only a bit larger than one used for potty training. We have thus banned the phrase "tiny toilet" from use. They giggle for 3-5 minutes straight if this topic is broached. But they are little smarties and are coming up with codes and nicknames for this private friend. Silly Silly. Sigh.

But you gotta love 'em. We talked about the Epiphany and worked on drawing in an coloring a present within which they drew what they would want to give Jesus. Suggestions were a prayer, kind words or actions to a friend, etc. Instead, one sweet little girl posed in response to "What present would you give Jesus?", nothing else but, "a wife." Make of that what you will!

8. I'm trying to become a Coupon Momma! If you have any suggestions, do let me know. Now that I've finally found the diapers we like for Sheriff, I will either use amazon or to save money. But I'm looking for any options. Food, toiletries, baby items, household needs. My problem is that they need to be low maintenance options. Am I asking too much?

9. I'm only on 9. Geez I'm so distracted tonight. It must be the riveting interview with Brad Womack and the two girls he denied the last time he was on the show. I guess I am trying to figure out whose voice he seems to have.  I do know someone who sounds just like him. In TX? Shocking I know. But I just can't pinpoint it.

10. "Aren't you a tall drink of water?"I wish I could say things like that in a sweet Southern accent. I guess my Cajun roots would say something like, "Meh, ain't you a big glass a wawta" AND the Sports chick is pushing it way too hard.

11. Next week I will start working out again. I don't really have to lose baby weight. Please don't hate me. I'm so not in shape though, and more than that, I just love the thrill of endorphins running through my body at the end of a hard run or the on-top-of-the-world feeling of lifting weights like you are one tough girl not to mess with. Whether I try to get a sitter once a week or leave Cowboy to babysit for the night, I do declare that the gym and I will be reacquainted.

12. Sheriff is a Pampers kid. Just tried some Huggies that we had from a diaper cake. I mean just....Why is the entire back of his outfit wet? Back to Pampers we go.

13. I'm not a fan of NBC changing their daytime schedule. I don't watch much television during the day. Sometimes it's on, but outside of a few minutes of the Today Show and local news at 11, there's just not much that I can sit there and watch while playing with the Sheriff. Well, that is outside of Ellen. She used to be at a perfect time. I could catch the beginning or end and eat lunch while Wyatt napped as he is usually sleepy at some point around noon. Well, now she's at 2:00. Not a fan. Change that for me, NBC, please.
And speaking of change! What happened Kroger? Your Private Selection brand of ice cream is trying to get too fancy and after months of no ice cream for me, I am truly saddened to see that you discontinued Double Chocolate Cookie Crumble or something like that. Instead you have attempted decadent flavors (well at least decadent names--Denali Extreme Maximum Fudge Moose Tracks--what does that even mean?), and you have failed me. Sometimes I shopped there because I knew I wanted ice cream. Alas, you have compromised our relationship, and HEB just might be seeing more of my face. So sad.

14. A picture thought I'm sharing:

Is it a yawn? A laugh? A snarl? A shout? "I'll let you be the judge of that."

15. THANK YOU Brad Womack and your throng of out-of-the-woodwork women for providing such a humorous introduction to this season. I might have now even hooked Cowboy.

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