Sunday, January 9, 2011

To Be A Mother

To all mothers, all future mothers, and all those who know in their souls that they will one day be a mother. 

I love Sugarland, and I love this song.  It does two things for me. First, it truly captures the way I feel about my son (and *fingers crossed) future children. What a blessing it is to be given the grace to be there as this song describes for your children.
But not only does it make me feel so fortunate to be able to love this way, but reminds me of how our Father loves us. From Moulin Rouge, "The greatest gift is just to love and be loved in return."
I am so thankful this Sunday for the gift of a child to love and the love that the God the Father has in creating me to be love to others.

*Note--any errors in lyrics are not my own. Ex: ---bears, not bares

My prayer today is for all you Mommas and future Mommas and those who pray in their own hearts to be blessed with a child. God sees all and knows all. May each one of your desires fall within His will.