Monday, January 17, 2011

NFL Playoffs Division Weekend Lessons Learned

It's Division Weekend.

1. NFL Football is right smack dab in the middle of pop culture. Check out Google's trending topics this Sunday and you'll find the search for Aaron Rodgers' girlfriend causing some stirs. Is it his good looks? Is it his rocket arm? See his highlights below. He was particularly special this weekend with 366 YDS and 3 TD, which might not seem out of the ordinary for him, but he was crisp in passing and quite evasive in eluding the dirty birds.

2. There's A Ball on the Ground -- Well, Pick It Up and Score! Consider this something like when life hands you lemons.... or carpe diem... or, well, just make the metaphorical play already!

3. Private Moments with You Significant Other Should be Just That -- Private.
Rex Ryan has found himself the fool on a couple of magazine covers now including the New York Post.  And more--how about being hidden within the witty Wes Welker's trash talk. This English teacher appreciates his language manipulation AND smile-less delivery. Boom.

4. Speaking of Drama-- While the NFL is admonitory about the exchange of words back and forth between the Patriots and the Jets prior to today's game, a little trash talk here and there has definitely helped to hype the weekend. While I agree that we don't need to see any more illegal hits and concussions/injuries, the mouthing off has definitely made me much more interested in the game. Do you want more female viewers? Add some soap-opera high jinx/reality show drama. (But really, play nice on the field guys. Well, by nice I mean within the rules.)

5. You Mad Cause I'm stylin -- Did I just learn this phrase? Yes. Did I learn it from watching football? No. But interesting topics come up sitting on the couch next to the Cowboy. The real question is-- can I apply it? I think so.

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