Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Peeee-can or pe-cawn (Either way you've got some work to do)

It's a blessing and a curse. My mother-in-law gave me about 6 lbs of unpeeled pecans. Cowboy is stoked for some pecan pie. Only problem? I have to peel the little suckers! And there are many things that I'm not good at. Consider shelling pecans one of them.

There's another bag like this waiting

This is how they are supposed to turn out. I saved these three and put them aside as inspiration for cracking the shells and getting these halves out in tact. I soon put them back into the ziploc bag I stored the shelled pecans in. Turns out, they were only mocking me.

When I get them all done, we'll try our first homemade pecan pie. Maybe it'll be in time for Easter....

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