Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Your Relevant News -- You Heard it Here First

Or maybe it wasn't here first. Maybe this is old news. Maybe it's news you don't care about. Either way, this is what I've learned so far this week:

1. Stephen Ridley will be entering the draft and thus leaving the LSU Tigers sans (yep, used that word) his talent as a running back. In your honor, I leave you this get-pumped-up video I hoped to find prior to the Cotton Bowl but did not. Let's skip summer and get to next year's head-smacking match-ups!

BUT, Ridley would look great in a Houston Texans uniform. (As would you Cam Newton and Patrick Peterson--heck anyone who can make some plays.) I wonder if the Texans front office is hiring. Maybe I can help make some changes

2. The lovely songstress Jewel is going to have a baby! I couldn't be happier for a woman who carried me through my teen angst and then took a downward turn trying to go catchy pop while I was in college but regained her strength and the songbird helping my sweet boy go to sleep each night. Her little one will be so lucky to have her softly singing her lullabies each night. Speaking of, I hear there will be a new children's album.

3. Donald Trump might run for President? What?!?!

4. Brett Favre is looking forward to his next career -- dancing. Ok, so this isn't really news, just something for a grin. It makes it harder to hate him now.

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