Monday, February 7, 2011

And They Said There'd Be Snow


They were sitting on a throne of lies!
We had no snow Friday morning when we woke up at 6:30. In fact, we had no snow at 3:00 am when I couldn't sleep (probably too excited about SNOW), AND when had no snow at 5:00 am when up for the same reason.

But we were stuck inside for a few days since it was so stinking cold out. Here's how we passed the time.

First, we tried to handle our own bottle. Turns out hitting it and chasing it around with my new scooting moves is much more fun.

While the weathermen/women were swimming in their own pool of meteorological lies, we swam in this toy, also known as the most difficult to figure out how to get the water inside! Thank you reviewer who explained the directions not included with the package itself.

 At first we showed some interest, but did find the towel a bit more entertaining.  Tummy time with this water mat wasn't a hit just yet, but who knew sitting on it would be so much fun.

And time with Sophie is always well spent. 
 Chasing (and popping bubbles)

 We tried to take pictures with Piglet for turning 7 months. These are getting harder as the Sheriff would much rather be mobile.
7 months and stylin'

 This, my friends, is the toy that got me officially "scooting" as they say.
 Oh my gosh, she said, "The white stuff is snow-where to be found!"

Stay tuned to find out not only which annoying household chore I tackled, but how to make a delicious pudding pie.

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