Friday, February 11, 2011

A Little Puddin' -- A Whole Lotta Flava!

I decided to beat being "iced" in last week by doing two things (among others like chasing The Sheriff around with a camera): cleaning the icebox and making homemade chocolate pudding pie. Yes, my friends, even the pudding. There was no J-E-L-L-O to be found within those cookie crust walls.

First, let's take a look in the icebox. There is no "before" picture. That might be too embarrassing. We aren't that close yet, blog readers. Who am I kidding? Only my best friends subject themselves to reading this. I think it's mostly for the pics of the kiddo anyway.

But take a look at the after. 

 I feel like a celeb featured in some Food Network magazine. Do notice, Bob and Jillian, the lowfat yogurt and fresh fruit. G2--packs less sugar. We've got milk (and formula). There are grilled chicken breasts in the tupperware on the left. And check out the fresh veggies in the drawer. Wait, ignore that beautiful chocolaty piece of heaven featured front and center.

Nevermind, feast your eyes on it and the recipe below.

Cowboy has noted that this is the best dessert of mine that he's ever eaten. This might have been the best thing I ever made--savory dishes included.  And, well there's something about pudding that makes you think healthy, right? If you want to keep believing that, don't look at the recipe and simply request that I make this for you.

I love Ezra Pound Cake, and so should you. Not only is the name of the blog deliciously clever, but the recipes are fantastic! I always get a smile when I see a new post on my Google Reader.

Back to the pudding. It's time for your close up dear.

The lighting's not great. It's not the best shot, and I didn't take any individual shots because, well, the serving pieces didn't look so pretty. But we don't bake for pictures, do we? So let's jump in to the recipe

I'm not posting the entire thing here. Click over to EPC to get your baking on.  I just have to add that it was well worth it to make a homemade cookie crust instead of buying on. Thank you HEB for not carrying them or making them so difficult to find that I chose to make my own. Shaving the chocolate wasn't so hard. I didn't waste time microwaving it to make "curls" though. And I even managed not to eat any of the chocolate while shaving.  This will be a perfect Valentine's dessert to surprise your loved ones. Our pie is gone after this week. There is a slight possibility that another will be made before Monday. The Chocolate Pudding Fairy is much loved in this house.


Nicole said...

The fridge looks great! I read that you should clean one shelf a week so your fridge doesn't ever get really dirty. It also "should" make it easier when you actually take the time to really clean the fridge out...won't make it something you dread doing. I've been doing that, and I must admit, my fridge looks better than it has in years!

Cajun Cowgirl said...

Thanks Nicole! Great piece of advice. I will have to let you know how that goes. I wonder if I could be so organized as to have a designated day of the week to do this consistently. I can dream right?