Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Rant From Da Burbs--Recycling Edition

Seriously, people! You have a garbage can spilling into the street with cardboard boxes, milk cartons/jugs, plastic, etc. I understand the instability of the can itself and the wind knocking it down. That is not today's issue.

The issue, dear neighbors, is your lack of recycling. The city could not make it easier. It provides the bin (which you don't even have to make a special trip to pick up. They bring it to you.). It provides the service. It provides you with a handy magnet letting you know which products are acceptable. Said magnet also tells you holiday recycling schedule.

We fill ours to the brim almost every week, and many times we can't fit it all. I save our junk mail inside until there is a sizable amount and bring it outside (to do so daily would be a pain to me, but maybe that might help with Project De-clutter). Now this does not name me Go Green Goddess of the Year by any means. I am guilty of throwing out that bottle of Hidden Valley Light Ranch simply because it's too much of a pain to rinse out. I justify this by reviewing in my head just how much water it takes to get it cleaned out. Anyway, come on folks.

On the other hand, dear recycling team, please know that a pile of cardboard is indeed meant to go on your recycle truck and not the garbage one. Sometimes it just can't fit in the blue bin, but you know what cardboard is. You know that your handy magnets tell us that we can recycle cardboard. The short version--take the pile of cardboard!

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