Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Blogging and Such (Such being Cauliflower Puree? Why yes.)

Yesterday I had a great discussion with our instructor at The Little Gym about couponing, and we have a great friend who sometimes gets paid to shop. I try to work with coupons, but let's be honest, I suck at it! I was asking her about how much time it takes and what sort of effort because it seems that to fit something else in each day would just be impossible. Our discussion ended with the idea that if you are interested in something, you'll do it; you'll make time for it.

Then I saw a friend from our mom's group today at Mother Goose at the library who mentioned that she had been reading my blog. My little heart smiled! A new reader!

But, she also mentioned that she couldn't imagine finding the time. She asked about The Sheriff's sleeping and if that allowed me time to post. It brought me back to our coupon discussion, and I realized I want to do it. I like doing it. It chills me out. It excites me. It's something that's mine.

I don't know who's reading all of the time; in fact, sometimes I wonder if anyone's reading, and that's ok. I still enjoy it. It still chills me out. It still excites me. It's still mine.

To be fair, I love sweet comments or a "that was a good post" from the Cowboy, but I'd write without these.

And what would you do without my recipe recs right? (How about that seg?) Tonight I tried a mashed potato substitute. Well, it wasn't really a sub, but just trying something different. This cauliflower puree was...interesting. I enjoyed it and would love to feed it to The Sheriff, but with the butter and cream, just not so sure yet.

Unfortunately it was cold by the time we got to eat it, and both of us thought it would taste much better hot. Obviously. Anyway, try it. I'd make it again!


Alisha said...

You are totally right about finding time for things that are important to you. Its all about priorities. I'm glad not everyone finds the time to coupon because then there'd be fewer deals for me! :)

Nicole said...

I feel just like you. I don't seem to have many followers, but it is really soothing for me to write. I always kept a journal, of course, this one doesn't have the secret stuff! Anyway, I love your blog! And I love the pictures!

Cajun Cowgirl said...

Thanks sweet friends!

Alisha, I actually asked the girl if you were the one she knows that got her into couponing. You weren't, but it's someone that does the Katy coupon blog. Do you know her?