Thursday, March 24, 2011

Pre-Friday Fun

Because I want to write but have nothing in particular to say...

Thanks again to  My Life in the Men's Room for this blog idea. 


Outside my window... it's really getting hot. I can't imagine what the summer will be like. Ok, so it's not that hot, but doing anything outside negates my shower/feeling clean for the day.

I am wondering whether... I should try to reprint the baby food coupon that just failed. The computer tells me a "pipe was broken." What?
Yes, trying again as everything but the dang bar code printed. Will I make it to BabiesRUs before it expires? We'll see.

I am listening to... nothing really and I like it.

I am wearing... jammies still. I did order some new shorts from Old Navy, so hopefully my Spring attire will go beyond soccer shorts. Hopefully they fit. Loved this conversation after bringing home shorts from Target:

Me: "Are these shorts unflattering on my butt?"
Cowboy: "Well, they're sort of mo--" (And he didn't finish. He knew what he was about to say.)
Me: "Well, I won't be wearing shorts any shorter than these any time soon!"

So, yes, I am entering the world of "mom shorts." Not even having a kid, I would not be wearing super short shorts. It's just not gonna happen. I am embracing my thirties and that means not having my butt or pockets hanging below the hem. Not that I wore shorts that were that short before, but still. Enough is enough! Give a girl some coverage already! 

I am loving... learning from my friends. Whether it's about raising a baby, couponing, where to shop, anything! Just love it!

I appreciate... the Cowboy.

From the kitchen...I'm making THIS tonight and can't wait! Hopefully our Cafe Rio Pork Salad will be done in time to assemble for supper.  (I made a crock pot lemon garlic chicken on Tuesday which was great for leftovers. I feel like crock pots are for winter cooking, but need to find more spring/summer recipes. It's getting too hot already to heat the oven/stove all evening!)

One of my favorite things... March Madness! Well, the first weekend, when I actually have a chance. I guess I still do as my final four is still in tact. I was a complete failure in the second round. I just like having the games on even as background noise if I can't sit down to watch them. 

I am grateful...that I got on the computer to write this. Otherwise I would have forgotten to put the pork for dinner in the crock pot.

I am thinking about... what shoes I might wear today in honor of my friend Kim's birthday! I will take a pic later for fb, so maybe will post here as well.

What I dreamed this week ... something awful again last night! It involved a pair of people currently trying to sabotage the life of a family member. I just gave it up to God. 

I am praying...for the good fight.

Shrimp... is eating lots and lots. He loves feeding himself, and I could watch him do it all day. He's loving shredded cheese, pasta, and of course PUFFS!

What I realized... I am not cut out for volunteering for first grade CCE right now. Not without a partner.

Planning for the weekend.. Hopefully lots of chilling out! On Sunday I am hosting a Scentsy party and will need to get a few appetizers ready, but I can't wait to see my friends coming and hear Nowak's pitch. She's going to be great! Cowboy is in charge of The Sheriff for the afternoon. Hopefully they get some good male bonding in over bball. 

A picture thought I am sharing...
Lady Bugs--they are everywhere in our yard!
Don't worry. Be happy. I won't leave you without a Sheriff fix.


Nicole said...

Puffs!! How we all love those Puffs! I can guarantee that all the boys will want puffs once Baby Z starts eating them!

Which shorts did you order from Old Navy? Of course, you're younger than me, but I couldn't find anything that wasn't super short. I hate wearing "mom shorts". Lance made the mistake of calling some jeans "mom jeans" the other weekend. Like I wanted to hear that when I was two months post baby! Haha..just means I can shop, right?

I can teach my own kids, but I so can't teach a group. At all! Even with a book for guidance, I am done in like five minutes!

I am listening to Goose right now go crazy for BYU. He is skipping school tomorrow so he can stay up and watch Butler. Hope they win!

Cajun Cowgirl said...

Now I feel like all he wants is puff. Is my child a junk food junkie already? Not that puffs are junk food, but there must be real eating too.

So Old Navy has a pair that's only offered online. They aren't the short short ones and not the bermudas. Let me know if you can't find.

So Butler's done it again! Y'all going to see them in H-town?

Nicole said...

We'll be there! We just bought some tickets! Goose is SOOOO excited and I love that! Going to be a great time for him.

Have to look for those shorts soon. Need something.

My kids were really bad, while everyone else had kids eating carrots, the easiest veggie, mine hated them. And my kids eat a lot all the time. I worry for them sometimes. I hate to be dramatic, but I don't want them having unhealthy eating habits.