Friday, March 25, 2011

It's the Freaking Weekend

Cowboy: I don't understand how the weekend is different for you? How is it not like any other day?

Oh, Cowboy, let me count the ways...

1. It feels right. For however many years it's been since I learned what a weekend is, I have looked forward to them. Why not now?
2.Not reason enough? Well there are a set of extra hands around on the weekend, so let's say when someone needs to dice vegetables or grab and fold clothes out of the dryer BEFORE they get wrinkled, there is someone to make sure The Sheriff isn't performing death defying exercises near the coffee table. 
3. Speaking of prepping food--on the weekends you might decide that you just don't have to! If I don't feel like cooking or we don't get to it, it feels more "ok" to go out to eat and I don't have the mom guilt I might feel during the week of not providing a nutritious meal for my loved ones.
4. Everyone from the check out girl at the grocery to the neighbor up the street to YOU Cowboy is in a much greater mood without the weight of the workday on one's back.
5. I can sleep until The Sheriff wakes up without any alarms being snoozed or glorious melodies pelted out with someone's hands on the shower wall. I'm not mad, bro. I'm just sayin!
6.If we feel like cooking breakfast, we can. There is no sense in cooking a real breakfast for myself every day. With two people home, why not make bacon and eggs or cinnamon rolls? And again, there is someone to take care of The Sheriff while the other whips up a batch of waffles or Jake's pancake.
7. The Sheriff knows it's the weekend; I just know it! He is always much happier (not that he's a sad baby), but he can feel it. See #4.

Are those reasons enough? What do y'all think?

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Nicole said...

The weekends are most definitely different. And I agree that the kids know it too. Just lazing around in pj's, having coffee, fun breakfast. I love the weekends!