Tuesday, March 15, 2011

March Madness--Why It's Good for You Mommas!

I love this time of year---love it! I know one reason is that it's Spring Break, that heavenly week of much needed bliss when teaching. And with Spring Break comes March Madness Baby! In fact, I seem to have found inspiration for my first blog post March 2009.

Times have changed in Casa de Loupe as this Spring Break won't include Elton John concerts or afternoons watching the games at the sports bar, but this year I want to give you the Top 6 Reasons (in no particular order. Ok, maybe some order. I just don't know what it is.) why March Madness is good for Mommas.

1. You fill out a bracket with you significant other, coworkers, friends, online buddies, whoever, and you instantly have another dinner conversation piece besides how much your kid ate or pooped, or what colors did your kid eat and poop.

2. That bracket? Well, yes, you can do lots of highlighting or scratching off as you win or lose. It's like a to-do list without the "to do." Nice.

3. New, or maybe old, music as montages/previews/highlights are shown. (Music may be old depending on how often you get to listen to the radio. But surely it will pump you up anyhow.)

4. You get the chance to think back to your own athletic "glory days" when the gravity of a tournament game was the biggest load you were carrying that day. Challenging and invigorating and staring you in the face, it was where some of your best moments were lived, and won or lost, those games shaped you into the person you needed to be to take on life's "real" days of 9-5 or "training" a baby to sleep or (for you Brad Womack) going to the emergency room at 3:00 am.

5. It's safe tv. The bright colors and excitement are ok for watching with the wee ones.


6. Gus Johnson. Go here. Just do it. Click your favorite phrases. Heck, click them after kiddo's first steps, cutting a tooth, crawling, pulling up, laughing, clapping, finally pooping. Doesn't matter. Just enjoy it. What better way to celebrate.

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