Friday, March 11, 2011

Thanks again to  My Life in the Men's Room for this blog idea. 


Outside my window... Gorgeous! I'm loving this weather. We go outside two or three times a day. I can't wait for The Sheriff to run around in the grass and play ball with his Momma! Thanks Cowboy for teaching me how to throw a football and shoot a basketball correctly. I will, however, leave his training up to you. 

I can't wait to ... to wear my new ankle socks! Some girls feel like a new woman with a new haircut; for me, it's the socks!

I am listening to... The Black Eyed Peas stuck in my head. The Sheriff and I danced to "Tonight's Gonna Be a Good Night" this morning.

I am wearing... an outfit! And I've fixed my hair and put on make-up. Va-Va-Voom! Well, it's an improvement at least. 

I am loving... the bag of Sweet Tart Jelly Beans I bought in a stress frenzy when picking up The Sheriff's meds in Louisiana. Momma needs love too!

I appreciate... my Pitos! Thanks for the advice Shelly and Ali about my sick bebe! I couldn't do this without y'all. It takes a village...

From the kitchen... We had Soba Noodle Soup this week (another meal courtesy of Mrs. Ray). Her meals really are fast, and I am getting rid of some of her magazines I had. I tore out the pages I'd want to try, so that's why we've had her meals so much lately.  We actually liked the soup better as leftovers.

I am proud... The Sheriff for fighting through his sickness!

One of my favorite things... chatting with my big bro when we can!

I am grateful... for this season of Lent to remind us to stop our busy lives and make time for prayer.

I am thinking about... those devastated by Japan's earthquake.

What I dreamed this week ... last night's dream included chatting with a true Cajun man who I could not understand but just kept nodding. No idea what we were talking about!

I am praying...for those treated unjustly by laws keeping it so. 

Shrimp... is crawling and clapping! And did I mention has 5 teeth and is cutting two more! He also loves interactive books. By this I mean with flaps and textures so he can play peek a boo. No words yet, but if he can just figure out how to make a noise when he makes a sort of "B" motion with his lips, he'll be chatting away.

What I realized... I can sweep and mop pretty fast these days.

Planning for the weekend.. Our Lockport Mardi Gras was a bust, so Cowboy announced on the way home, "I am having crawfish next weekend." And that we are! I promise to take pics of The Sheriff's first crawfish boil. 

A picture thought I am sharing...

Biter biscuits and puffs--a parent's best dinnertime friend.


Nicole said...

Super funny about your "I am wearing..." b/c i just wrote an entry about looking presentable. b/c I NEVER, EVER do! Blogging at a new location, will put up the link of old blog and twitter. Been holding off b/c it's not really ready yet, but oh well, another non-presentable part of me!

Cajun Cowgirl said...

Too funny! I tell you what--when we get together (and we will!) it's t-shirts and fav comfy pants!
It's just hard to get it all done, and when you do, inevitably a shirt will end up with spit-up/snot/drool/peas/something on it, making you just look silly going out in the world!