Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday Five (Picture heavy)

The Sheriff is slow to wake this morning, and I'm letting him sleep in. For all my love of schedules, if he gets off and wants to sleep past 7 or so, go ahead kid. I slept in a bit too. To be fair, he was up several times last night. Something's going on with "the routine" and his eating, so we need to get that figured out to avoid bottles at midnight. Now that I've bored you with those baby nuggets, let's hope I can entertain you further with the five things I'm thinking about right now. 

1. This week has been a busy one with my little social baby (or social Momma) and an activity every day. The highlights--play group at the park (where I realized I want to make him some baby muffins--see #2), meeting a blog friend  and her sweet kiddos (too many kids I suppose to realize that we both blog and neither took pictures! We didn't even photograph the "highlight" of the visit--Nicole meets red velvet cake balls), and a trip to The Children's Museum. And now the pics:

First stop--Big Ballin' in the pit. I have got to make one of these at home.

The excitement is palpable (sarcasm, but he really was in heaven)

Oh the germs. Mini panic attack
 And then we found this gem (which some older boy kept taking)

I got it back Momma.
Then we found some interesting wall toys that Daddy would be proud of.
 Our friend Liam showed us the giant Lite Bright (I know how to spell light, but I think the toy is spelled this way. Maybe I'm wrong.)

But really eating the sticks was much more fun.
 The boys found another cool ball with little balls inside that went crazy when you bounced it. It got The Sheriff through the tunnel.

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It made him so happy!

Momma, I really don't want to share this ball
 Then we found the purple one again

 And  in between we played in this truck with Charlie who apparently was not happy about sharing. He didn't cry about it and was happy to let Wyatt sit next to him it seemed. Pictures reveal the truth I see! Poor Charlie! (And he had a little British accent. Running through my head the entire time - "Charlie you bit me. That really hurt Charlie."

2. One more pic for you. This is for you Zerlein because it came out funny, and by funny I mean cross-eyed. Here's to raising babies and worrying about everything those doctors put on our plates. Document THAT on your computer!

3. This weekend I hope to make some baby finger food items. He's being a real challenge about eating, and I don't know if it's his age/boredom/wanting to play/stomach issues -- I have no clue. He loves Puffs and Gerber Cheetos, but a man cannot live on that now can he. So we will make some muffins, some sort of sandwich cut up, and even try some avocado/banana ice cream. Success, hopefully, and recipes to follow.

4. Just got an email from Oprah--yea Oprah, she knows me. Kidding of course, but I'm on her book club email list, NOT because I read all of her stuff, but she has books to watch for and it gives me good ideas of what's out there quickly.
Anyway, the subject line--105 titles to add to your reading wish list now.
Really Oprah? Or Oprah's staff? 105. How about 5?

5. I'm really praying about Psalm 127:3. I am so very grateful for The Sheriff. He truly is amazing, and he brings such joy to our lives, but he's teaching me as well. He's teaching me patience and love and humility. And he's only 9 months. This is the small stuff. There will be bad grades; there will be mistakes; there will be an emergency room visit when he, let's say, tries to kick a football with skates on. It's all part of the journey, and we are so blessed to be on the ride with him. Being honest, I love him more than anyway, but "it ain't easy!"

Lagniappe. Conversation of Late:
Me: If I take Wyatt in the stroller to feed the ducks by the church, will be he ok?
Cowboy: They're ducks not dragons!

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