Thursday, April 7, 2011

Friday Fun (On Thursday. But I have a Minute)

Thanks again to  My Life in the Men's Room for this blog idea. 


Outside my window... the grass is green; the sun is shining; the breeze is blowing; let's have a picnic!

I am wondering... why I don't watch Ellen more often and if Cowboy is going to want to have a date night to see Scre4m.

I am watching... Ellen!

I am wearing... my newest mom shorts. Thank you "7 inch" Old Navy classics! I don't care. They are comfy, and I can crawl around with Wyatt in public (meaning the front yard I suppose) without feeling like I'm giving a show. Combine mom shorts with a short sleeve polo and Wyatt will think he's at summer camp when he wakes up with a counselor and not a momma.

I am loving... The Biggest Loser. Want to know a secret? I usually eat a bowl of ice cream while watching the first hour and end up doing some sort of workout the second. Guilt!

I appreciate... my mom driving up this weekend to visit. 

From the kitchen...Wyatt's Parrain is coming to visit, and you can't have a LA boy come to TX without treating him to some Mexican deliciousness. Lupe Tortilla, here we come!

One of my favorite things... Sweet Tart Jelly Beans for Easter. (Hint Cowboy)

I am grateful...For Cowboy instilling a tiny sense of direction in me when heading downtown. I'll get it one day in full.

I am thinking about... how we'll adjust The Sheriff's eating as he gets more into solids/baby food. (And now the bird noises coming from the fireplace. Are they in there?)

What I dreamed this week ... I actually don't remember. I have had trouble falling asleep so my REM sleep has been pretty hard.

I am praying...for myself. Selfish? Maybe. But I need patience now, and I don't think this need is going to lessen as we all grow up, so let's fix it now! Or is God even saying--be patient. I'll fix you!

Shrimp... is making fabulous grunts now among his shrieks, and he's always panted, but now he makes himself do it on purpose. Fun. 

What I realized... I need to go to bed earlier a couple nights a week.

Planning for the weekend.. Mamie Jewels will be in town for so much fun! I'm sure there will be a trip to the fabric store and some attempts at gluten free desserts. Bring on the party! :)

A picture thought I am sharing... SWEET SWEET SPRING

The dish mentioned here finally gets a pic.

Nanny, this is my fav!

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