Tuesday, April 5, 2011

On Your Way to Ten, but Here's Nine (Months!)

Dear Sheriff,
I wish that I had thought of this, say, nine months ago,but here we are. Your birthday was technically days ago, but don't worry, I made sure to have ice cream to celebrate on the correct day.
 I might go back and complete the first eight months of your life because I have everything documented in your baby book. We'll see what the time brings right? So take good naps in the next few days!

We'll have the nitty gritty (and by that I mean your height/weight, etc.) already documented, so I wanted to share some of the tiny moments with you that we will remember forever.

If I had to guess... you'll be an ENT doc. You love noses!

Your happiest when... chasing balls around on the tile AND playing on the garage sale gem--Your very own "Baby Grand!"

You taught me... that sometimes I'm most loving in the middle of the night. (Thanks double ear infections)

Your belly loves... PUFFS (but what kid doesn't?), but otherwise, you seem to really enjoy foods in the orange family (and by orange I mean color not citrus), except peaches and carrots do not please your palate.

You're still working on... realizing that once you have pulled up on something, it's not a free for all. Boink!

The photo that represents you... This will be the hardest to choose each month, but I"ll try. Your Daddy gets some great shots on the iphone, but this is what I've got. You LOVE swinging and our trips to the park and are such a happy boy!

One of your feats... You are the most supportive friend at your Little Gym class. You clap for everyone. I love that about you, sweet boy.

What I want you to know... You have blessed your parents beyond appreciation with your great sleeping habits.

If all else fails... Shake your rattle! or go outside and play.

New to you... clapping on demand and "Patty cake" clapping. Daddy also taught you this cool trick where he turns his head to the side and so do you. You two crack me up!

A favorite day... Driving down TO Louisiana. You were quite the road trip buddy and so well behaved. You even kept me patient when those teenagers just HAD to park right now to us while I was trying to give you a bottle with the door open.

Your jams are... "Day-O" and "Say hey" (still) and you are also liking that old classic "Itsy Bitsy Spider."

My heart melted when... laid your sweet head down on Daddy's shoulder while you were listening to some music before bed.


mom said...

Totally awesome!!

Cole said...

Oh, he's adorable!!

Keeping time said...

I love this post... def. a keeper for whenever we have a little one!