Friday, April 15, 2011

I'm baaa-aack

I couldn't do it, couldn't last until the weekend. Thursday usually begins my weekend anyway, well sometimes Wednesday. What does that mean? Well, mostly that I don't mind putting on the Today Show for a few minutes in the morning while playing with the little guy. Lame, I know.

How was the week? Well, I didn't find myself teaching any new spiritual heights, but I learned that I am really bad at making myself stop to pray, meditate, listen, relax. I guess I use technology to do that, and I'm thinking God doesn't typically use those channels! Well, unless you consider that silly facebook question "If you love God, click like"a conversation with our Father.

So I kept myself busy, too busy, but I'm grateful that the week made me aware (again) of my inability to find quiet time, and I hope to make some changes.

What I did do was this:

Monday--cleaned my jewelry and baked delicious muffins for The Sheriff. The house smelled fantastic that afternoon, and this Momma ate them hot straight out of the oven. Did he think they were so delicious? Ummmm..... no. He isn't into much and I'm trying what seems like everything. Mommas of picky eaters help me out here! (I'll blog recipes from the week in a bit. Right now I'll just bore you with the rest of my week.)

On Tuesday I set out for another culinary adventure (for baby of course and recipe to follow), but more importantly, discovered my little water baby! (and unfortunately ended up with a terrible sunburn---Momma not baby. He was well protected with Ann's SPF 100 on top of Momma's SPF 55.)
This is a bit like the bath

But much more fun to splash!

And there's my ball

I think I shall go get it

I can't tell you much about Wednesday. I was supposed to write all of these things down, but that went out of the door as well. I did visit some HCHS friends with Wyatt and discovered his love for floral dresses that some of the seniors were wearing. Guess Momma needs to get on the fashion train!

Thursday began with me emailing (the one thing I didn't give up) the hubs that when he got home ended my technology free week, and actually, I didn't even wait that long. 5:00 began my weekend! During Holy Week next week I would really like to take some quiet time to pray and sit with God and not only step back from the computer but from all of life's busy-ness. I'm one of those people that likes a guide, book, devotional to follow, but that in itself is still "doing" something. I will seek the quiet and let myself just be.

before I go, I'd like to leave you with this Cowboy gem:

Me: Thanks for the help (getting the griddle out last weekend)
Cowboy: (without missing a beat) All you had to say was Oh Toodles.


mom said...

Be sure to bring those swimming trunks home for the Easter weekend!

Team Wallace said...

show us the mousekatools to help us do it!