Saturday, April 16, 2011

Saturday Morning Scene "Eggstravaganza!"

I just realized that I haven't given Katie at Loves of Life a shout out for linking up on Saturdays (and I'm also one of the last ones to ever link up). I guess I busy myself on the weekends when there is an extra set of hands for playing with The Sheriff.

So this morning (well, early afternoon ok) we made our way to the city's Easter egg celebration. We had four, yes FOUR, possible Easter egg hunts/parties scheduled for today, so we packed our bags to meet Wyatt's friend Kailey (and her lovely parentals) for a fun play date complete with awkward holding Easter bunny and talks of the eggs having special adult treats for us.

And they're off!

Mine! All mine!

Let's see how many I can contaminate--wait, they said I can only take 6

Kailey's all "Dude, they're just eggs. You can't even have the candy."

Double Fistin'
Teething or what!

And finally, who needs a cute picture for longevity of our first Easter, when you can have this gem? I love his face!


Katie @ Loves of Life said...

Oh wow. That looks so fun!! Our weather here was horrible today :( Still is!

mom said...

amazing fun!!!!!

the workaholic momma said...

Looks like a blast - hope you guys had a great Saturday:)

Anonymous said...

Such fun! Easter egg hunts are the best!

Ashley Paige said...

Okay, you obviously had me at adorable baby in a super cute jon-jon! thanks for reading ILYMTC! I'm definitely a new "follower!" Have a great little Sunday! :)

Cajun Cowgirl said...

Thanks! We think he's quite adorable too. :) I was disappointed that this was the first time wearing this outfit and it was too small. Two of the snaps aren't buttoned at the bottom. Poor guy. But the top looked great!