Saturday, April 30, 2011

Saturday Morning Scene - "Picture People Fail!"

Linking up with Katie at Loves of Life this morning (a rough morning) with our Saturday Morning Scene.

Before we ventured out, we hung about the house with our little Superman. Why the costume? Well, babies must have some sort of super powers to handle all of that teething. Plus, the mommies and daddies need a smile too in order to carry on with cranky kiddos. The costume + The Sheriff's favorite toy = Win! 

Today's agenda: Get all gussied up (check!), journey through mall wearing color coordinated outfits and carrying two stuffed bunnies and extra baby outfits (check!), find out your 11:30 appointment with Picture People won't really go down until sometime after 12:00 (CHECK!).

I know that some of you guys have had success with Picture People, and they offer great deals. But today they are the targets for my frustration arrows. I called to schedule an appointment a while back and was told not to do it the weekend before Easter because they'd be swamped. Fine, I thought. I'd just do it the weekend after. No problem.

We arrive. Problem. We arrive about five minutes early but are told there are a few sessions ahead of us. So you mean when "walk-ins" strolled in, you didn't consider that we would be arriving for our scheduled session? Or did you just simply overbook?
Another customer seeking a photo of her all pink and diamond clad chihuahua and matching four-year-old (which all matched her blue tooth) was taking up a nice chunk of time trying unsuccessfully to convince either to sit in front of the camera.

Then we are told a camera broke so one "studio" was out of commission. It would be "just a few minutes." Wait, your business revolves around working cameras; it's Saturday morning; you don't have an extra hanging around?
About how many I asked. Oh, about twenty. It was just too much as we knew it would be longer than that, and with a baby cutting one year molars, it wasn't the ideal picture snapping Saturday. Call me the poster child of impatience, but from this day on I will find photography friends that I don't mind paying higher prices to. Or perhaps try to take The Sheriff during the week. A family photo Saturday is not on the schedule any time soon!

So we took it to the house for some quick backyard shots. Remember that teething baby mentioned above? Well, he let me get a few shots with Daddy, but between the wind, the sun, and my already flustered state, we didn't get many of him and me. Check out the crazy wind shot of the two of us though! :)

The day improved. I got a pedicure and did the grocery shopping for the week while my wonderful hubs kept an eye on Wyatt. Looking forward to a peaceful Sunday tomorrow! (Sorry for the rant!)

Saturday Morning Scene



HC said...

Oh no! That stinks. We have an appointment there tomorrow, late afternoon for 3 year pics. Hoping it's too much of a madhouse. Glad your day got better!!

Katie said...

Stopping by from SMS. I feel your pain on the teething thing. My little guy has been HURTING! Sorry the Picture People failed you, but your shots are really cute. And a pedicure sounds amazing!

Mrs. C said...

Ugh what a pain! The teether and the pictures! Have a great weekend! =)

Happiness Is... said...

Hey! So to watermark, I use and it is SO easy. You just go to the website, upload a photo and then at the top toolbar, you will click on "create" - then you add your text and save the photo. You then upload THAT version to your blog. Let me know if that doesn't make is super easy but annoying at the same time!

Also, not sure if you know but when you leave comments other bloggers can't respond by may want to turn that feature on if you care about that :)

Nicole said...

I hate when that happens.
I love, love, love the Superman pics!

Cajun Cowgirl said...

Thanks for the sweet comments you guys. I know that the experience could have been worse.

Our little Superman has cut one molar. Now how many more???? :) He's such a trooper!

the workaholic momma said...

Oh no!! Sorry you guys had such a disaster with the Picture People:( We spent 3 LONG hours there last Friday...that place can be such a disaster some times!! Hope you had a better weekend!!

Cajun Cowgirl said...

Oh I admire your patience! You guys are troopers!