Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Dear I-10

Yes, we have a love/hate relationship.

You lead me to those I love. You are my excuse for listening to music way too loud and singing even louder. You are freedom. You are adventure. You are icees, Cajun food, and an excuse to buy Hot Tamales (candy, not Mexican dish). You are holidays and bumpy, car naps. You are long chunks of time made useful by grading research papers.  For these, I love you.

BUT, you are my patience's kryptonite. You are road closures and 18-wheelers on fire. You are "Road Work Ahead" and "Left Lane Closed." You are anywhere from an hour to three hour delay. You are a should have gotten gas/brought an ice chest/stopped to use the bathroom/taken a flight.

The lights in the middle? ROAD SHUT DOWN!
For these, I, well, don't hate you. I need you for all those things I love, so let's just agree to get along, ok. For me this means getting my patience in check before we leave. For you, well, just go ahead and keep those bigs trucks safe and doing what they are supposed to be doing, and while you are at it, let's just avoid construction for a few years. Riiiiighhht..

C. Cowgirl

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Meg O. said...

Oh gosh, such is Houston traffic. WHY OH WHY???