Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Top Five Tuesday

Not setting a Tuesday precedence. I don't have that kind of memory to keep it up. I'm already thinking, "Well, June is coming. That's 6 months into the year. I better re-look at all the NY Resolutions I proposed."  So anyway, here's my top five tonight:

1. Watching The Biggest Loser. I just love this show! There are some seasons that I've missed, but I'm glad to be back. I love how life-changing the ranch is. These guys look a-mazing! Dan and Don? What?!?! These were the pansies on the show. Guess going home ended up working out quite alright. I think they had a bit to prove though.
But I digress. I can't imagine the new life these guys and gals and now have. So inspiring. (Austin looks fantastic! Wait--so do Sarah and Deni.)

2. I need to do some baking. I'm craving that kitchen time where I can take my time, enjoy the aromas, not rush to get something on the table to fuel our busy lives. I asked Cowboy to take some time with the Sheriff in exchange for sweet treats. That deal wasn't even a question in his mind! I have a ton of recipes bookmarked but do you have any recs? Come on; give a girl some chocolate hints!

3. I'm planning Sheriff's first birthday, and let's just say that it might be more involved than planning my wedding. Where's my mom when I need her?
I kid, but there are a ton of great ideas out there, and this crafty Momma is going to try as many as she can. More hints to our theme to come, and there will be an entire this-is-what-I-did post to follow.

4. Cowboy repped (is that the word I'm looking for?) a blog post of mine on fb. This secretly makes me super happy. Ok, not so secret anymore.

5. Check out this cutie patootie's pics from her crafty mom! I love this idea and will hopefully have a baby girl some day to make it happen. It seems more of a baby girl project to me.

Night, night readers!

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Nicole said...

I can babysit if it means sweets!

I am dying to throw a huge first birthday party. I've never done it before, not really big, so this year I am forcing myself to do a Christmas/birthday party for Baby Z.