Saturday, May 7, 2011

Saturday Morning Scene "Little Gym Style!"

Linking up with Katie over at Loves of Life as she's getting ready to celebrate her sweet baby's first! I can't wait to see how the party turns out! 

We love our time at The Little Gym, and well, the little guy IS growing so we tried out the "Birdies" class that The Sheriff will move into this summer. Oh, they are spoiled as "bugs!" This class has triple (at least)  the number of babies/toddlers, and because it was a Saturday, both sets of parents attended for many of the children. I think it'll just take some getting used to, and give him another month to work on his newly acquired ambulatory skills, and he'll be good to go.

I forgot the camera in the diaper bag so with Daddy's phone we captured his usually enjoyable parachute ride and then his peek-a-boo playing with Momma behind one of these wheel wedges.  (I am almost certain that is NOT the term for it!)

 Perhaps the best part of the morning (well, maybe afternoon, I'll be honest) was the Puffs container somehow opening when The Sheriff was playing and spilling everywhere. He could not have been happier, and I have already noted this effect and will not hesitate to accidentally spill some should we have a day where joy is hard to be found. Again, sorry about the quality. The camera that I left in the diaper bag at TLG was also out of juice. iPhone it is again!

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