Saturday, May 7, 2011

National Day of Prayer and My Rookie Mom Move

This past Thursday was the 60th (Yes, 60th!) National Day of Prayer, and funny, I can't remember hearing about this. Ever.

I attended Catholic school. I taught in a private Christian school. Am I just forgetting?

Anyway, so the plan for the day (as of Wednesday, pre-National Day of Prayer) was to meet some of the team from My Life in the Men's Room for a park playdate. When Cowboy told me about the National Day of Prayer ceremony in Town Square, I thought, "Well that could be cool" and emailed Nicole to change the plans. She was oh so supportive, and I highly suspect she questioned the move from the start but was too sweet to say anything. There was still ice cream to be involved, so perhaps her clear thinking was even overpowered.

Yea Cowgirl, let's take our KIDS to the outdoor prayer service and sit and listen when the point of the get together was to visit as well.  In my heart I sometimes think God will give us extra blessings just because we are there. We didn't really take part, but maybe just by osmosis we scored some extra Holy Spirit that day.

Different pastors from the city's churches spoke on (well, prayed for/about) various topics, including media, government, families, education, nation, and military.

We didn't hear much, but like I said, we get some "Get Out of Purgatory Free" points just for showing up right?
Even Wyatt appears to be paying attention

I'm kidding, but I was glad that we went and to know about it in the future. It was so cute to watch Nicole's boys with Wyatt after we had our share of ice cream and headed out to play in the grass. They were so gentle with him, but I can totally see them teaching him how to be rough and tough in the future!

Next time--the park!

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