Friday, May 6, 2011

Friday Fun (Oh It's Been A While...)

Thanks again to  My Life in the Men's Room for passing this along. Let's see if I can knock out this post and take a nap before The Sheriff wakes!


Outside my window... Sunshine on my shoulder makes me happy! Well, unless it is also making me sweat. It's getting pretty warm, but I'll take it. In fact, I've got some water warming in the baby pool for The Sheriff to take a dip when he wakes up. Bring on some splashing Water Baby!

I am wondering... why I had that last glass of wine last night. Oooof.

I just bought... a couple of dresses and a cute racerback, dressy tank. One of the dresses (30 bucks my friends) was for the OTC dinner last night, and I already had shoes to match. Score! I have no pictures to share so perhaps I'll get dolled up in the next few days and snap a couple.
I also grabbed another for my brother's med school graduation. I'm just not too sure if it's too "young." Again, no pics right now, but they are coming.

I am wearing... those dang mom shorts again and Cowboy's new fav. t-shirt in my collection. It's a "dressy" tee and apparently flatters my curves. I'll take it. 13 bucks in Target's workout section well spent.

I am loving... our Little Gym class. Wyatt's teachers are so supportive (of the babies AND their mommas), and it's been great making friends with families in his age group.

I appreciate... all the Mommas in my life. Have a wonderful Mother's Day weekend!

From the kitchen...I checked out some books at the library and will be working on some adult/baby combo recipes this week. Will share my findings. The menu is planned; now just have to hit the grocery and pray that next week isn't as crazy as this one has been.

One of my favorite things...! I scored a great deal for some Mother's Day treats!

I am grateful... for friends who encourage me in my faith.

I am thinking about... The Sheriff's first birthday party. There are some blogger friends out there sharing their plans, and I feel so behind. 

I am praying...for those traveling this weekend.

Shrimp... is developing quite the laugh. We love getting him super excited to hear it. He's also finding himself more comfortable exploring in the house. It's really interesting to watch but makes me nervous.
He's loving big kitchen spatulas/spoons to tap together, and...
He's walking! He takes 3-5 steps most of the time, but occasionally hits more. Today at the gym he managed a whopping 12 or so. I love it!

What I realized... my girls' trip is NEXT WEEKEND! Hooray!

Planning for the weekend.. Relaxation. Maybe. Does that exist with a 10 month old?
 Hopefully, there will be a pool visit and a Mother's Day picnic involved in said down time.

A picture thought I am sharing...

Note how low the first storage level is. No more water hitting it and spraying the shower-ee's face! I'm told by Cowboy that this purchase moved me one step closer to an organizational Jedi.

Look what I found!
I won't leave you without a Sheriff fix. Said explorer doing what explorers do best! (Don't worry; I only let him play with plastic bags when I need to keep him busy for a while.)

Kidding. Calm down everybody! :)

Have a wonderful weekend!


Nicole said...

I hope your weekend is wonderful and full of love on your first Mother's Day.

the workaholic momma said...

What a great post!! I <3 Tiny Prints too - they are awesome - we got mother's day cards from there too and they look great:) Hope you have a wonderful weekend and a very happy mother's day:)

Cajun Cowgirl said...

I think I found Tiny Prints through you!