Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Ashley's Antics

Poor girl. She's just having a hard time "navigating" "this process" where her "husband is in this room." I do feel sorry for how they are manipulating this season, but she's dumb. Totally dumb. Wait, did she just say that a true relationship is not what I feel for someone in a week? Seriously? That's how you feel head over heels for that jerk-face Bentley who surely only went to Hong Kong for the free trip.

Speaking of, why didn't we get some camera interviews with Bentley? I'd love to be in a producer's meeting when this whole thing went down to fix the girl with "part of her heart left in the United States." At some point earlier in the show, (I was ironing a #@$#load of clothes, mind you.) she did say that she was afraid she wouldn't find her husband there. But then she fell back into "trusting the process." I'm so tired of that phrase. And even the previews for next week still talk about being so thankful for closure with Bentley. Be done with that already.

(Evidence of my getting my domestic on!)

This week?

It would have been interesting if the Dragon Boat recruiters ran into Bentley as they searched for a team.

And Ames wanted to take their relationship to the next level on the elevator. I see what he did there.

And the worst part? What the hubs calls "Douchie reality host." Really, Chris? "Speak from the heart. Just be Ashley" and "Push him for the details" and "Don't leave that room with any questions." How annoying is he!

Finally, the Cowboy says, "Don't pick Ames. He's a mouth-breather." Apparently, they're the worst kind! Good luck on your process poor girl!


Nicole said...

Okay, so I have no clue what you are talking about...just had to add that I am not a fan of mouth breathers either. The worst.

the workaholic momma said...

HA!!! I'm watching this season too - poor, poor Ashley...in my hubs own words "She's going to feel like a buster when she watches the show and sees how Bentley really is." so true...hate those kind of guys! Hopefully she figures it out - I'm rooting for JP