Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Ten on Tuesday Link Up

I'm skipping the normal Tuesdays at the Table this week to link up with Roots and Rings for the first time. 

1. What’s the recipe for your favorite drink? (Smoothie, alchoholic, coffee, whatever.)
I don't know exact measurements, but I LOVE pina coladas and even went out of my way to make virgin ones when preggers. Some mixture of frozen pineapple, cream of coconut (now availy via squeeze bottle!), ice, and of course, RUM when not with child. 
2. What kind of razor do you use?
I think I have a Venus. I think. It's greenish-blue and has at least 5 blades. 
3. Who is your favorite Sesame Street character?
Elmo hands down. Have you seen his song with the ducks? 
4. What makes the perfect salad? (Lettuce type, toppings, dressing, etc.)
I have actually loved recreating the fuji apple chicken salad from Panera Bread. Hmmm.. Perhaps my recipe to follow at Tuesdays at the Table next week. 
5. What was your favorite subject in school?
English. Give a girl a book already! 
6. What’s your favorite summer tradition?
Until I had a child and treasured my sleep -- fireworks! Ok, I still love them, but do them early neighbors, so they better not keep me up! 
7. Do you suffer from season allergies? How do you combat them?
Nah, I'm good. 
8. How often do you have to charge your cell phone?
Every night. This question is random for sure! 
9. Do you have a bucket list?
Nope, but I should. Maybe I'll work on that soon. Lord knows if I don't write it down, it's not getting done. 
10. Do you have any desire to go back to school?
Yep, especially to teach! 

Now go have yourself some linky fun! 

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