Thursday, June 2, 2011

Going Seriously! Again

Just linking up over at From Mrs. to Mama this Thursday to tell you what's got me going Seriously! this week.

Does each cast member of The Jersey Shore SERIOUSLY earn get 100K an episode. What?!?!

And speaking of reality television, why do these housewives of NY SERIOUSLY hang out with each other. They must be making some SERIOUS jack (or need D List celeb status) as well because they can't seem to stand one another.  And they get to throw out SERIOUSLY complex metaphors, i.e. "She's a thug in a cocktail dress." :)

I am SERIOUSLY over this heat. It's.Only.June. BUT, it is giving me an excuse to go looking for a cute beach  zoo hat. Who doesn't need to look fab at the zoo right? But, SERIOUSLY, it's for the sun protection.

SERIOUSLY, if you don't have a scotch-guarded or leather couch before you have a baby, run to your nearest furniture store and pick one up. (You're welcome. Signed, Mother of Reflux (and now stomach virus) Baby.)

We are SERIOUSLY getting a new light fixture in the kitchen. Sayonara fluorescent bulbs and dumb ass fixture! (Excuse the French. It's been a LONG day!) We didn't think the fixture would be in for 4-6 weeks, so thank  you online lamp store the C.Cowboy used.  Now let's just hope the instructions stating something to the effect of needed a professional electrician don't mean anything!

SERIOUSLY, it's almost 9:30? Where did my night go?

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the workaholic momma said...

$100k an episode - say what???!!!!

And you are SO right about the reflux - my couch and carpet are soaked in puke - its really disgusting to think about!!