Thursday, June 2, 2011

Sick Bebes!

Does this look like the face of a wee one battling a tummy bug? A vicious, gut-attacking critter most probably contracted over at Germfest 2011, coming to a mall playground near you this summer?

I don't think so either. Lucky for this momma, he is such a great kid, even when sick.  Yes, there was some whining, some clinging, some overall, everyone is in a bad mood, but for the most part, he would sport that toothy grin as long as you were sure to play with him. Ok, so while I did my best to make him #1, a stomach bug makes laundry and house cleaning somewhat of a priority. 

Anyway, I've got a few "Momma thoughts" about sick littles. (Side note--I enjoy coming up with new terms for things/people. Ex: littles = babies/toddlers/wee ones :)

First, there is nothing like a sick child to make you feel like you are totally unfit for this whole parenting thing. It rips apart your soul. And it's not like he was in any severe danger; it was a stomach bug.  Maybe that was the hard part--I couldn't fix it. No antibiotics, creams, gels, pills, liquids, biscuits (you know, for teething), nothing! Just wait it out and make sure the kid can tinkle! 
I'm a fixer. This was not easy for me. 

Then there's the ever nagging mom guilt. We should have never gone to the mall! And he ate in a high chair (gasp!) without the cover! What have I done? It's my job to protect him, and I just threw him out there with other children and their germs!  What kind of mother am I? 

But you can't keep them quarantined. You can't deny them social experiences, growth experiences. You can't sequester them until school age when they will contract every illness under the sun. 

Funny thing is, this is just like practice. At some point, the same tiny hands (let's hope they've grown by then) will be on the steering wheel of a car. And he will be driving a girl to senior prom. Or his tiny feet will be running up and down a field with someone chasing him trying to get him and/or some ball. He will leave for college. He will stay out way too late on roads with the crazies. He will go on road trips.  He will forget to call his momma. 

He will leave me sleepless at night for bigger reasons than tummy troubles. (Thanks for that gentle reminder Nicole!) So, come on Cowgirl. Put on your big girl panties, get your Rosary, and always remember to call on the Big Guy Upstairs. 

(Someone remind me to re-read this when I am posting about any of the above in the next 21 years!)

Just have to leave you with another pic too. I've been getting a flirty little smile when telling him, "You're so handsome!" Love this kid! 

Happy Late Memorial Day!

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