Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Wednesday Whatnots

A listy-list for you.
Here goes.

1. I've been a blogging slacker. I missed posting my Tuesday recipe and have just otherwise been absent.  Got my recipe up today, but yes, today is Wednesday. It's not called Wednesdays at the Table. Oh well. Go check it out if you want a yummy breakfast idea!

2. Game of Thrones -- If you have HBO and you are not watching this show, get to it! It's drama, and great accents, and crazy worlds so unlike (and well rather like) our own. It's not my typical show.

 Case in point, Monday evening, while the DVR warning popped up that I was recording two shows and trying to watch a third (Extreme Makeover Weight Loss, and some dance show I just found on Bravo or E!), Cowboy says, "Look, it's your life in a nutshell. Throw some dancing and weight loss on tv and Cowgirl is in!" (I don't think he called me Cowgirl. Maybe he did.)

So Game of Thrones is neither dancing nor losing weight, but I LOVE IT! And I think about the characters and plots all week. I so wish I had read the books first.

3. Expect a post soon on sick babies.

5. I just bought a membership to The Children's Museum for a great discount rate, and I am super excited to start taking Sheriff once a week (once this tummy bug is over)!

6. I've become a really bad present wrapper. Obnoxiously bad. And I don't care, but I do. I want them to look so put together and "ping worthy." (There's my little pinterest shout-out.) But I rush, usually while The Sheriff sleeps, and they are ugly, and I don't care because the wrapping is just ripped off anyway.

7. And THIS, my friends, is what I will attempt to get The Sheriff to love after his afternoon nap. We need something to do until it cools down enough to go outside and play in the pool. Thanks TX heat for that one.

Jelly beans, meet water bottle that needs to be recycled.

He better get a kick out of this. Those are some valuable Tropical Fruit Starburst Jelly Beans in there!

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Jen said...

Sometimes I'll throw fruit flavored candy or mints into my water so it'll give just enough flavor to make water appealing when I want something that isn't plain =) Haven't seen you around in awhile, Logan and I miss ya! Hope to see you when we get back from Seattle!