Wednesday, July 13, 2011

12 Months!

Dear Sheriff,

(And I'm late again...)
You are hilarious and silly, passionate and picky, fearless and oh-so-handsome!

If I had to guess... you will be an air traffic controller by day and drummer by night. You never miss a plane in the sky and are sure to wave to each and every one. And drumming? Well, we know who your father is for sure! Let's hope you have his rhythm. 

You're happiest when... rolling around in your "worm pillow!" (My S-Shaped preggers pillow for those who haven't visited Casa de Cowgirl and seen our front "playroom.")

You taught me...that my job with you is the most important responsibility I could ever have. 

Your belly loves..Hummus! Which I tell you is "dip," but you love it. That makes me happy. 

You're still working on... well, all things that you little people work on. Jumping, speaking, eating, you know. 

The photo that represents you... You've got Momma's keys and are clearly at the finishing part of an outdoors "Peek-a-boo!" Sheriff with the boom! 

One of your feats... your "rappin' turtle" dance. This is perhaps the best thing I've taught you, my little gangster. 

What I want you to know.. I'm doing my best to leave "no" out of our day-to-day, but I have to keep you safe. I know you simply want to explore, and I'm working on it! 

If all else fails... sing "Jenny Jenkins.

New to you...You've got "fast feet" and run in place to dance. Other talents? I'd say trying with all of your might to jump like a frog is so much fun. Your feet haven't left the ground simultaneously, but it won't be long. 

A favorite day... This one's tough. I didn't write down anything in particular, but I would have to say that your birthday was up there. You were such a trooper with so many people in our space and seemed to invite them all to play with you. (As long as Momma and Daddy were close though.) 

Your jams are... Elmo's Ducks, Five Little Monkeys, and almost anything we've seen on Jack's Big Music Show. 

My heart melts when... your DaDa comes home. Yes, kiddo, he has my heart. But so do you. Especially when I see how excited you get to see him and how he becomes the biggest softie hugging you! 

Such a big boy! I am loving every minute (and of course loving the tie shirt from Mamie Jewels you are sporting)! 


Erin+Josh said...

Yay for 12 months!! Such a big boy, you're doing an amazing job Jenn!

Lyryn said...

What a cutie!!!!

the workaholic momma said...

AAWWW...happy birthday, sheriff!!! Looks like you've got quite the little ham on your hands!!! He is so adorable and looks like such a sweet boy!!!