Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Ten for Tuesday

I'm back! Ok, so I was offline less than 24 hours at home, but it feels like forever! So why not jump right back at it with a list.

1. It irks the #@$# out of me that Teen Mom's Farrah got a boob job. Seriously?!?!
And your little girl is sitting on the stairs, ALONE, while you whine about the pain and rudely talk to whoever is taking care of you. Grow up already!

2. It's carseat buying time, and it's totally stressing me out. I'm pretty sure that I'm going with the Britax Boulevard, but am happy to read (and refer you) over to Becky who posted today about the very same thing. Can't wait to read all the suggestions in her comments!

3. I'm currently looking through Kroger's recipe index looking for other kid winning meals. It's just so much easier if we can eat what he eats, BUT if I'm not careful this "toddler" stage could pack on some pounds. Pasta, rice, veggie nuggets, chicken nuggets, cheese, potato, you get the point. Good thing he also loves broccoli and cauliflower.

4. Cowgirl discovered Instagram! More like, got jealous of cool pics hubs was taking and wanted to join in. Now if I could figure out what tilt-shift does! Tomorrow's Google project.

(Two things of sheer insignificance follow.)

5. Thirty minutes ago I was busy applying pressure and ice to the worst nosebleed OF MY LIFE! And I'm the kid who used to wake up with blood gushing out in the wee hours of the morning.  No fun!

6. I typed the previous listies with one hand as I was stuffing my face with a Skinny Cow Ice Cream Sandwich. And now I'm contemplating getting another!

7. The Sheriff and I have some dates coming up. Tomorrow? We cheer on the ladies in red, white, and blue as they compete in the semi-finals in the World Cup. Let's go girls! And please, get it done with authority; we can't afford two of us wetting our pants in this house tomorrow! If I can get up and to the store early, celebrating might mean soccer ball oreo truffles. Yes, I said it.

Date 2 -- Snowballs! #Mommahasneedstoo

8. A baby/toddler signing is the cutest thing ever! Sheriff has a couple of words down, but I had such a blast watching this little guy (a bit older than Wyatt) say the letters as his mom signed to him. So smart, these little people!

9. As I'm watching RHWNJ decorate for Christmas, I want to host a Christmas in July cookie party. Wheels are turning.

10. I bought a few magazines for my trip this past weekend, and in perusing, decided confirmed that I'm going to work on my style. This fall.
Summer is here and fleeting, so don't worry Cowboy, I won't hit our pocketbook too hard just yet.
I'm terrible at putting pieces together, so I'll need some guidance, and I'm guessing I start looking August/September? What do you think?

1 comment:

Nicole said...

Have loved my Britax carseats!

I used to get bloody noses growing up. Now it's BH. ALL. THE. TIME.

I never eat less than two skinny cows at a time. NEVER.

Snowballs, next week? In!

Will be there for a cookie exchange. Name the time and place.