Thursday, July 28, 2011

Denver Days

It wasn't really a weekend. It definitely didn't feel like one. But thanks to the hubs' spending some extra QT with The Sheriff, I grabbed my carry-on, met up at Hobby with one of my favorite people, and flew on over to Denver for a little getaway. Why Denver?

Sarah McLachlan with the Colorado Symphony at Red Rocks, of course! It was an amazing show and in such a cool venue. Shelly came up with the idea, I jumped on board, and  I only wish we had more days to spend there.

You've hopefully already checked out my antics while there, but on a serious side. Here's what else the trip had to offer.
Warning--vacation pics follow. If you are bored, gut it out and keep on! :) Kidding.

We flew in Saturday evening and had an incredibly awkward rental car ride with a burly fellow who apparently surprised his girlfriend/wife/mistress/who knows by picking her up. It was complete with sucking face which only halted to  make flirty comments about kicking her ass?? And even stranger, he had such a baby voice for such a big guy. It was too much to even capture on camera.

So what are two girls to do? Order wine flights of course! How do I know Shelly was there? Say hello to the all "white" side of the table.

We, of course, stayed up way too late talking and being goofy both nights, but were sure to explore a bit during our full day before the concert.

First stop--breakfast! I love, love, love finding places that have been featured on The Food Network. Makes me feel cool. Although now they are well-known, so I'm not so hip. Speaking of, nothing says "hip" like posing in front of the sign. Tourists for life!

The food was pretty freaking outstanding and the wait staff wonderful. Such a great place to have in downtown Denver.

We did some walking around Larimer Square, some more touristy pics (but hey, who can pass up a pirate?), and headed back to see the end of an a-freaking-mazing finish to the US World Cup game. We stayed in a fancy place, so I was a bit embarrassed with my celebrations in hindsight.

With just a day there and not prepped for any hard core hiking and trail-blazing, we went with our concierge's advice to hit Idaho Springs and Evergreen and finally make our way to Red Rocks.

View from the car: unbelievable! What ARE those snow-covered things anyway? :)

I pause during the regularly scheduled blogging to say WTF ABC? You let this guy Ryan come back to look like a total desperado? 

And we're back. With just a few more pics. Bear with me. 
Yea, how about those obligatory we-are-in-beautiful-scenery-and-there's-a-bridge shots? And check out my windbreaker. It's totally Colorado legit for exploring. Goes great with Target sandals. Next time I'm packing some tennies! 

And nothing beats getting this on your phone to know he's not only surviving but apparently thriving without me! Who knew!?!  Eat.him.up! 

I wish we could go back. I want to bring him here:

Alright, alright, get to the concert already. We had a CRAZY dinner in Morrison. (Words of wisdom: Don't eat IN Morrison if you are going to a concert or if so, do it early!) I thought Shelly was going to lose her grits in a big way! But she survived and we ran, yes ran, uphill to make it in time. 

We made it just in time and had a perfect view. 

Here we are in all of our ran up the hills and now sitting in some sprinkles glory!

Oh yea, and we met this guy along the way.

 Thanks for such a great trip Shelly, and we can't wait too long to take another one!


Natalie said...

Looks like you had a fabulous time! I want to see a concert seems like it would be great!

ImarriedAtexan said...

Wow... Denver looks like fun!!!

ImarriedAtexan said...

Wow... Denver looks like fun!!!