Saturday, July 16, 2011

Saturday Morning Scene -- "Getting Busy"

Ok get your mind out of the gutter, check out what I'm up to, and go link up with Katie!

Today's scene:

With a full trunk and items spilling over into the front of the car, it's a good thing Cowboy volunteered to hang out with The Sheriff so I could drop off quite a load at Goodwill (I so wish I had the energy for a garage sale!) and then return items I didn't use for the birthday party.

AND this may be the last pic of his infant car seat! Our Britax came in this morning, but we just might have to take one last rear-facing ride. Nahhhh!!!

I managed to hit Goodwill, land a quick to to visit our friends with the good ole USPS, and returned items at Michaels, Hobby Lobby, AND Garden Ridge. And for my soul? I belted out Adele and went sans umbrella to enjoy some summer rain.

Did I tell you that I've got some roasted eggplant soup on the stove?  I'll share the recipe soon.

Happy Saturday! 

Saturday Morning Scene



Mrs. Mama said...

i'm totally not an eggplant type of girl.. but you have me interested here... please do share!

Natalie said...

Doesn't it feel good to get rid of stuff? I'm so glad when I do!

KSK said...

Awe! We got our Britax about 2 months ago! (it is a little bittersweet... but I love it!)

Katie @ Loves of Life said...

Hmmm...I'm skeptical of the eggplant soup, not gonna lie ;) Thanks for linking up!