Friday, July 15, 2011

A Little Friday Fun

Thanks again to  My Life in the Men's Room for passing this along.


Outside my window... Today was overcast and despite being humid, much nicer than it has been. The Sheriff and I played outside for a bit even though it was sprinkling. Tomorrow we break out the chalk; I spared us today since we were headed out to dinner and I didn't feel like worrying over an outfit change before we left. 

I am wondering...  how we will get rid of bottles. Transitional phases make me anxious. 

I just bought... some makeup from e.l.f. That stuff if CHEAP! So I'm wondering how it will turn out. I'm giving it a shot and receiving 7 free brushes with my 30 dollar order. I did score a ton of stuff for 30 bucks. Now it's time to get all gussied up! 

I am wearing... jammies. And they are sort of cute. Hot Momma! 

I am loving... the fact that my baby is going to be in his new car seat on Saturday! Well, maybe Sunday. I guess it depends on the guys in brown and when that UPS truck shows up. I went with the Britax Boulevard and am happy with that decision. I kept wavering, but so many people praise Britax, that I know I will be confident with my choice. 

I appreciate... water! It quenches my thirst, cleans me (and such necessities as dishes and clothes), and provides wondrous moments of entertainment for my kiddo.

I wasn't kidding.

From the kitchen... This weekend I'll hopefully make a few things for W to eat in the early days of the coming week. On the menu? Spinach nuggets, suggested by Cheryl, and the Cheesy Pasta Stars featured by yours truly here

One of my favorite people... My newest pregnant friend. You know who you are. You know I love you like a sister. You know my prayers for you and your family don't end! 

I am grateful... for Instagram. So much fun!

I am thinking about... the chore it will be to go through my inbox this afternoon/tomorrow/Sunday/it-better-be-done-by-Monday, and answering, deleting, or archiving emails.

Sheriff... lifts one arm up near his head when we ask what the elephant says. I am awaiting trumpet sounds. He's also quite the gremlin these days with guttural noises coming from his mouth! 

Planning for the weekend.. Watch out! We've got a sitter coming so we can head over to Jen's 30th! Some adult fun will be much appreciated. And it doesn't stop there. Our friends Carra and Brian are coming over for burgers to hang out with The Sheriff on Sunday.
In others news, in case you haven't heard, USA vs. Japan. World Cup Finals. Sunday. Watch it.

In boring news, I have to return items that I absolutely "needed" for W's party that weren't use. I should look at the bright side. It's like I'm making some money for the fam!

Two picture thoughts I am sharing...

Jack's Big Music Show cuddling on long afternoon

Have a wonderful weekend!

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