Thursday, July 7, 2011

Seriously! Thursday Link-Up

Be sure to hop over and visit Becky and check out what's got everyone going "Seriously?!" this week!

SERIOUSLY?! Can I get more hours in the day? No, not for cleaning, laundry, cooking. Just for reading blogs, writing blogs, and catching up one the old stack of books by my bed.

SERIOUSLY?! Teething is for the birds. At least I am blaming it on teething. The kiddo has 15, yes FIF-freaking-TEEN teeth at the age of 1. Well, 15 have cut, but it seems that have some dropping down or growing, or whatever you want to call it, to do. Deep breaths. Keep your grits together.

SERIOUSLY?! Can a girl get some Bachelorette on July 4? At least to watch on DVR the next day?

SERIOUSLY?! Child/thief proofing of toys? Cowboy pulled something off his OCD garage wall to tackle one of the boxes. Enough said.

SERIOUSLY?! I stayed up until almost midnight last night reading. What's wrong with me?!?!

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