Thursday, July 7, 2011

Big Brother (Live Blogging...Sort of)

So I'm just starting tonight's premier...(DVR my friends)

LOVING the idea of dynamic duos! I can't wait to see who they bring back.
(Cowboy just walked in. "It's still not in high def.")

It looks like we'll have some big personalities in this house. I'm not attached to anyone yet, but there are already plenty that annoy me! Don't know names yet, but I might root for the girl from LA! Call me a homer.

I will surely be rooting for one or two of the returning house members.

Just learned Adam's name. He's too over-the-top for me. Kalia is sure to start some $#%# and be drama queen. (She also looks older than 27.)

Keith needs to get laid already. And change professions.

Porsche wants "some kind of ethnicity" and her life is too "luxurious." Are we all in the wrong profession? Get me to cocktail waitress school soon!

Oh hi Chenbot. Missed you. (And no, I don't watch you daytime.)

Brendon and Rachel are back! She annoys me to no end but I find myself liking them.
And now---Jeff and Jordan! I love them. She's one of my favs. So dense, bless her heart. Guess I love me some reality show hook-ups.
Are they bringing back three duos? Can I get some Dr. Will and Boogie?

I am definitely for the BB vets.

AND.... commercial. I got your commercial CBS. FAST FORWARD!

No freaking way. I hate Evil Dick. Go figure that Adam likes Evil Dick.

"My mind is like a Twizzler." Please tell me he's not going to speak in similes all season long.

Daniele holds the record for most POV wins. Wonder if she puts that on her resume?

HOH competition. I've caught up on DVR, so I'm officially "live" blogging.  I often fast forward through the competitions. Boring. Bring on some drama. Speaking of, I wish we had Showtime so I could stay awake far later than I should (and not read as much as I should) and watch the after parties!

It would SUCK to have your ass hanging out with your dad's head right below you. Rachel would easily have won this competition without the other two giving in. She totally carried their duo last season and looks like she will again this year.

Daniele has a serious feather extension. Anyway, the season will be great and entertaining enough to keep me from doing what I should be doing.

BTW--don't know where you are or what commercials you see, but dear readers, Momma has to get herself one of those triple chocolate DQ Blizzards. I'll have two, in fact.

And in other news, what the heck is going on with Blogger? I have to log out and log in to be able to post and my dashboard looks totally different!

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