Friday, August 26, 2011

Finding the Joy Friday -- Shaking and Baking

Ah, yes, the weekend is here! It's bizarre reading about Irene heading up the East Coast as it's usually us "hunkering down." Hope everyone stays safe (and manages to sneak in a glass of wine or two.)

I'm linking up with Erin again this week to find some joy! This week JOY is in:

--Discipline! I baked cookies during Sheriff's afternoon nap and didn't eat a single one (not even a taste of the cookie dough). But don't let me fool you; I ate plenty Thursday night. I just like to save my dessert calories for the evening. Don't invite me for afternoon ice cream. I want it before bed!

--The little guy looking like a little man! Now you know me; I am totally keeping him a baby while I can, but how cute is he here?! (Yep, 14 month picture preview.) What a stud!

--More discipline! Hello Jillian Michaels Shred It twice this week and Great Abs Guaranteed every night.

--Reminiscing. W and I watched a couple of videos that Cowboy made a few months ago of all of his "feats" (The Sheriff's, not Cowboy's), and it was such a sweet moment.

-- My summer photobook! I can't wait until this puppy comes in.

--Crafting! I made a little something for a friend's nursery. I can't show you yet because I want the lovely Erin to be surprised. Not to worry, though, I'll give you the details later.

Where's your joy? Go visit Erin and link up!

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Momma StJ said...

that picture put a big smile on my face! love me some piglet :) I just got Jillian Michaels ripped in 30 for my birthday...soo excited to start it...hope i have as much discipline as you :)

Cole said...

He is just the cutest little man!!! I'm just like you - I want my ice cream right before I tuck in for the night. :-)

And, I think I'm just about as ready for Irene as I can be. Though, I was really hoping she'd blow out to sea.