Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Telling it on Tuesday

Nope, this won't be a Cowgirl "tells all" post. Just chunking out there what's in the old brain up here, so take it for what it's worth in all its randomness.

* I'm super clumsy and spill ALL THE TIME.  My worst offenses are coffee grinds, grits, and corn. Nothing like sweeping up every single grain from the grout to realize that you just can't get it all without mopping.

* Thoughts of Tuesday night bore me. There is nothing I want to watch on tv, so I guess young girls on MTV having babies will have to suffice. Maybe that's why the show is so popular.

* I have one freaking good kid. I'm like everyone else (at least I hope I'm not alone) in that my patience wears thin, but he's so sweet and so smart.

* I'm using asterisks and not numbers because I alway skip a number (thanks for pointing that out Cowboy). Maybe this way you won't notice.

* I had this CRAZY dream last night. It was the first day of school where I first taught (yes, you old friends of mine made an appearance. And of course by old, I mean, from the past. You aren't "old!"), and I said yes to a job offering. I had NO child care arranged, had NOT told Jacob, and worse of all -- I later found out I'd be floating! Oh I woke up in such a panic and thoughts of pushing The Sheriff on a cart through the high school halls from class to class.

*It's probably time for a Skinny Cow break.

*I need at least one more player for my all-girls fantasy football league. It's a $10 buy-in and a really good excuse to get into the games that you know will be on the tube all Fall long. Email me!

*I think that's it. I had my ice cream (ran and did Great Abs Guaranteed earlier); Teen Mom is boring me; it's time for some reading.

*And one more...I think the Lady Gaga promos on MTV are highly inappropriate. #justsayin

Goodnight y'all!


Natalie said...

I always have crazy dreams like that! But mine usually are back when I was in high school and the people from my future are there too. But don't forget I'm always forgetting something like to study for a test etc. Oh and summer TV is horrible!

Meg O. said...

OOoh, love me some Skinny Cow! And way to go with your all-girl fantasy league!

Kasondra said...

OOh I've never heard of Great Abs Guaranteed...have you ever tried Hip Hop Abs?

Alisha said...

I love your dream! LOL I would call it a nightmare though!

Meagan said...

I'm tempted to join your all girl fantasy league! I am not so sure I'll have time for much fantasy with the little guy though.

Heather said...

Did you fill your FFB slot? I am a first timer and am looking for a girls only league.