Friday, August 19, 2011

Finding the Joy

I'm linking up with  Erin again this Friday with reminders to myself to notice the joy all around me.

So today, I'm Finding the JOY:

*in tuna fish sandwiches Wednesday night and leftover tortilla soup last night. This does not make me SAHM of the year, but I didn't have to cook two nights of the awfully hot week!

*in photo books. They are, first of all, a lifesaver during Mass. W loves looking at pictures of all his friends and family.  And what better way to help him get to know his relatives since we live so far away.

*in enjoying the clean house that I busted my butt for this week to keep up.

*in the growls in my stomach and more so in the fillers in our pantry that will soon settle the noise. We are so blessed.

Be sure to stop by and share what you are finding joy in this Friday.

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1 comment:

Momma StJ said...

yay for not cooking! that is VERY high on my list of joyful things ;)