Thursday, August 4, 2011

Lucky 13

Dear Sheriff,
13 Months! Time is surely sailing by, and I think this last month has been the fastest. Not too much has changed this past month, but you've been busy fine-tuning the skills you've got, cracking us up with your antics, and sprouting another tooth! 

If I had to guess... you will be a race car driver. Or maybe an airplane pilot. Or maybe a fireman. Anyhow, it will be on.the.go.

You're happiest when... playing peek-a-boo around the corners of our home, and I hope I never forget this silly stage, my boy! 

You taught me... that these moments truly are fleeting. I need to stop, breathe, and take in each one. When all you need is comfort, it's my joy to be there for you. When you are ready for some independence, it's time for me to stand back and watch in amazement. When you reach out, it's the best love I can give to reach back. 

Your belly loves... hummus, homemade macaroni and cheese(who doesn't!?!?), spinach nuggets (sometimes), baby cheetos, and baked potatoes with cheese. 

You're still working on... going down. Whether it's stairs or doorsteps, you aren't so steady making your way downward. 

The photo that represents you... 

We spent quite of time, it seems, cuddling this month. I think that tooth was/is really trying to kick your butt! But it doesn't know who it's messing with. And let the record show, you are much cuter in the morning that your Momma! 

One of your feats... motions to "The Itsy Bitsy Spider." Impressive!

What I want you to know.. it will always be ok to be you within the walls of our home and the walls of the hearts of your dad and me. 

If all else fails... distract! Balls, songs, "where's your belly?" 

New to you... You are a playground champ! I love watching you walk (and often run) across the entire thing, and you are mastering the jungle gym. This took some practice as you, at first, wanted to hold my hands and walk up the stairs, but now, with a simple suggested "hands down," you figure out how to climb up. Way to go kid! 

A favorite day... You were sick; you spend lots of time underneath my feet or in my arms; you were exploring your voice.  Your chatter is a soundtrack I can live to. 

Your jams are... "All I Do Is Win" --( Don't worry haters; we don't typically listen to explicit rap songs all day.  Check out this LSU video. It's his favorite, and he's even got the hand motions down.)
In the car you love a little Billy Currington "Love Done Gone."
Another fav -- "Calling Baton Rouge" -- I love you, my little Louisianian via Texas.
 May music always rest in your heart, guide your days, be your lifeblood. 

My heart melts when... you smile. Every single time. It's beautiful and makes me want to do whatever it takes to keep it there. 

Your Piglet picture? Coming soon...coming soon...


Natalie said...

Aww happy 13 months to your little guy! I hope you get some more cuddling out of him!

Sugar Mommy said...

I love this set up! I may have to steal it or borrow pieces. Maybe we'll see you at the playground soon!

the workaholic momma said...

This is such a sweet post and such an awesome idea for a monthly update!!! Happy 13 months to your precious little boy - hope you guys had a great day:)