Friday, August 5, 2011

I'll Keep Him Around

Cowboy, the hubby, has this knack for finding great things on that little space called the www. He's always looking out for my teacher side, my "new" mom side, my culinary side, my want to know so much more about sports side. And then sometimes it's just random nuggets of awesome.

Don't tell him (oh hi Cowboy!), but I'm terrible at reading them in a timely fashion. I'm really trying to get better about this, but I thought I'd share what he's passed along recently.

For you new parentals out there, check out these Top 5 new parent Apps. A couple might work for me, but if I had an iPad, I'd surely want to check out Skrappy!

For those stuck in one of those in need of a true story type of days, there's The New Yorker's report of the operation to kill Osama bin Ladin which is compiled from the personal accounts of all involved. I think you've just got to read this one.

And finally, it's long, I apologize. I won't even tell you how long this one has been in my inbox, but take a few minutes to view this study on what motivates us. (Sorry I can't embed it!) I wish I could teach this way, but I can't imagine the work that goes into production and then there's the little fact that I can't draw very well.  But I think this would be really interesting to share with students. Hello leadership lesson if I ever get back!

In the meantime, this is the crap I find:
(And sorry, I saved the pics and not the sit itself. Dumb.)

This girl had a closet purse problem. See photo 1--just a mess. Then photo 2--ah, much better.

COME ON PEOPLE! These are your problems? This is what I'm reading. Thank God the hubs is around to give me the good stuff!

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