Friday, August 5, 2011

True Life: I'm a Hybrid Blogger


Noun: A thing made by combining two different elements; a mixture.
Adjective: Of mixed character; composed of mixed parts.

Yep, that's me (and my blog)--part Momma, part you-gotta-read-this, part you-gotta-eat-this, part crafty, part whimsy, part ESPN Game Day's on, part make sure you DVR The Challenge, part Cajun, part Texan, all heart. (Yep, part cheesy, and yea, that's more than just two parts. Deal.)

I'm jumping in late this Friday to link up with Fabulous but Evil and Mrs. Monologues because... well, I thought, hey, maybe I'm now a Momma Blogger (as of 13 months ago) so I'll just link up then.  And then I took a look over my last few posts and well, yea, I'm "general." Fabulously general, but general.

Meet the family:

We are pretty normal. We go on date nights (once a century!)
 We get the mail.

And do what any sane SAHM does:

 Take pictures of ourselves of course!

I don't have a fancy camera, but am a wanna-be photographer (and will-be one day!), and Instagram makes it easy. We love water around here. Can't.Get.Enough

Piqued your interest? Maybe with the cute kid. Read on and browse some past posts because you are bored at work, or sipping some wine, or avoiding that pile of laundry next to you.

Back to that hybrid thing.

Check out me getting crafty for the bebe's 1st.

And then there's this culinary adventure.

If you need some Momma action, check out me embracing technology or maybe me getting sappy if that's more your style. Of course there are other posts with adorable pics of The Sheriff. I trust you can find them in you want to.

If it all sounds too fluffy for you, I occasionally get pissy.

So it's been nice to meet ya and hope to see you soon!


Mrs. Monologue said...

Yay I am so glad you joined the linkup. love the term hybrid blogger, that is a great way to describe most of us!

tara said...

your family is adorable! i think the majority of bloggers are hybrid bloggers! thanks for linking up!

star said...

I love the way you describe your blog, a hybrid! That's my blog too, a mix of a bunnch of random things! Your son is such a cutie!

Cole said...

What a great way to describe your blog! Hybrid is spot on! :-)

Savanah said...

You and your hubby are too cute. And the Sheriff? PRESH!!! :)

Anonymous said...

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Natalie said...

Love the family pics...and the water one is too precious!

Sarah Jane said...

The term "hybrid blog" is brilliant and your blog is pretty amazing. I like following ones that are completely random at times, makes it fun and honest. I look forward to reading much more.

-Sarah from

Eboix said...

love this - oh and the husband and I are pretty addicted to the challenge as well! Thanks for stopping by my blog my fellow htown cajun!