Friday, September 9, 2011

Finding the Joy Friday

It's been a Capital C Crazy week! I have no idea how this happened, but it's been the busiest short week that we've had in a while. I haven't even had the energy to blog. It's not a bad thing; in fact, being so busy was a GREAT thing. I'd take real life fun over blogland fun any day of the week! To jump back in I'm linking up with Erin today (although I'm not sure she knows it yet!) and sharing my heart smiles this week  where I am FINDING THE JOY:

*Halloween is  (sort of)! It's a couple of months away, but I am so excited to find a great Halloween costume for W this year. I've got a few I have my eyes on. Some are clever, pop-culture related ones that we can get away with this year while W doesn't care either way; others are ideas stemming from his favorite toys and cartoon characters. We'll see!

*How great is it when you realize you are watching a show that you DVR'd and can fast-forward commercials! I love that feeling and probably have it a few times a week.

*Like I said, we had a busy week. We drove back from LA on Monday, so Tuesday was getting it all back together a bit with laundry and unpacking, but we managed to hit Mother Goose time at the library, and it was fun to watch The Sheriff as one of the older kids. We're in between the infant program and toddler one. So we'll keep hitting whatever we have time for until he totally outgrows Mother Goose.

*The end of the week brought the beginning of birthday celebrations. Cowboy turned the big 3--something (I'll let deal with that one) Thursday, so Momma wanted to have an awesomely clean house for his special day (and the NFL's big debut weekend), a great meal on the table, and yummy treats to eat afterward. I'd say I somewhat succeeded. I hit the bathrooms Wednesday and swept and mopped Thursday in between playdates, naps, showers, cooking, trying not to slice open my hand with a mandolin. I'd say we had a great night even though I was exhausted by 8:00! The Sheriff even helped with the cleaning:

And by helped I of course mean running in front of the vacuum trying to get in front to see the light. There goes any chance of those nice-looking vacuum marks on the carpet.
I'll post recipes soon!

*Cool mornings have been amazing this week, and we actually were able to hit the park with a friend mid-day! I can't wait for Fall to stick around here so we can play outside more without dripping in sweat.

*The Sheriff is getting some new shoes this afternoon! Unfortunately the little guy has the widest feet so we haven't been able to use any that several friends have lent us. Therefore to stride rite we go. We'll see if his shoes are pricier than any I buy for myself these days! Regardless, he did wear some tennis shoes that were a bit small yesterday and he looks freaking adorable strutting around in them.

I don't know if Erin will be linking today, but drop by and say hi (she looks super cute in her wardrobe Wednesday post!)

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Momma StJ said...

You're so sweet! Haven't posted yet today- crazy week. Happy Birthday to your lil cowboy! Such a cutie!

Enjoy the cool mornings- i'm still waiting for them on the East coast. Figured all the rain and flooding we've been having would bring cool weather. Instead we've been getting humidity!

Stride Rite- Oh Stride rite- that is a treat from the grandparents for A....I haven't spent $35 on shoes for myself EVER.

have a fabulous weekend pretty lady!

Nicole said...

Funny about your last parents buy the kids their Stride Rite's too. And really, I think it's worth it. BH and Snax have super wide feet, and at times haven't been able to have Velcro they are so wide.

What did you make for the birthday meal? Can't wait to hear details.

See you next week??? No getting sick.