Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Our new "old" friends

Last week we were so very blessed to spend some great, albeit hectic, time with Rachel and Oliver who are "real life" friends but current blogger friends as their zip code is well, quite different from ours!

BUT, they are coming back soon, and we are so excited!

Look how sweet this Momma and son duo are:

We took our teams over to one of The Sheriff's favorite hangouts -- The Tot Spot at The Children's Museum. It was hard to visit with both boys headed for different attention-grabbers, but we managed a few words here and there and a few more at lunch later. 

Wyatt was sure to climb through, on, or into whatever he could

and Oliver finally got the truck to himself for a half a second!

But the water brought them together it seems. You can only imagine what W is doing back there. He's got his "splash face" on and Oliver's head seems to be leaning back at he was just struck with a few sprinkles from The Sheriff's antics!

I can't wait to watch these two play together and catch up with Rachel on a more regular basis!


Erin said...

Such cute little playmates! I can't wait until Baby J has a friend to play with like that! Glad you've got IRL friends moving closer to y'all!

Meg O. said...

How fun! I can't wait to have play dates with my little girl :)