Thursday, September 29, 2011

Teaching -- It IS All It's Cracked Up To Be

The teaching profession gets so many knocks. You don't get paid enough; you've got all that grading. But as my husband often reminds me -- a 3 (sometimes) month summer and holidays??? Come on!  He also loves to point out that he's never been around a group of teachers without lots of complaining going on. That's fair.

Being a teacher is like being a parent (to 100+ kiddos), and you know that we parents LOVE to talk about our kids and daily adventures with them, so what do you expect?

I was looking through pictures (for that damn minestrone soup pic) and ran across pics from the classroom.  Right now, I'm missing:

My coworkers -- they know the power of a great margarita and don't mind playing dress up now and then! How 'bout it --twin day!

AND my students who did AMAZING things! Like, embrace my crazy Life of Pi survival day complete with blindfolded giant stuffed trout catching.

AND their talents! I was always amazed by the cleverness and creativity involved in their character posters.

And then there's the food! Students began taking my favorite extra credit A Tale of Two Cities assignment to new levels. Check out that wine cask spilling blood. There's also Lucy (so full of sunshine that Pollyanna!), Madame Defarge's knitting needle breadsticks, and the "heads" (marshmallows) victim to the guillotine.

And of course their minds willing to come together and their hearts willing to share! How about that birthday cake for their favorite crazy preggo teacher -- duck and all!

But there's always calling them on their bologna too. How about taking pics after they leave as evidence of their sloppiness. Come on kiddos! And the board when I had a sub as I knew there'd be a "you never told us that" moment.

Teaching -- the most challenging fun I could imagine in a career. I'll be back someday!


Liz Taylor said...

Wow! It appears that you have a great class, love the things the kids did for extra credit on a Tale of Two Cities.

Meg O. said...

What great kids! I know you miss teaching a lot... and I probably would too if/when I started doing something else.

Natalie said...

I'm sure you were a great teacher!

Lindsey said...

Love this post! It brings back my own memories of teaching high school. There is so much to love about the profession, despite the complaining we hear so often.

Anonymous said...

aww what grade did you teach? do you plan on going back?

looks like such great memories!