Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Day The Telemarketer Hung Up on Me

(This post is dedicated to Capital D Dilly)

It started innocently with a mid-day phone ring. I picked it up hoping for a sweet check-in from the hubs, but instead was greeting with an all-too-familiar recording telling me (again) that my family and I have won a free home security system. I can "press 1" to talk to a highly qualified representative or "press 9" to opt out. Our "9" key has been hit twice in the past week for such an offer; the calls keep coming. 

Luckily it wasn't during nap-time. 

I pressed 1 hoping to talk to a rep and let them know in person that I do not wish to be added to the do-not -call list. In fact I might have done this last week too. 

Representative answers. I ask to not be called again. He reminds me that I've won this home security system.

Then asks if I own a home. 

This is where I went wrong.  My response should have gone something like:
       Seriously! You tell me that the reason you've called me every day the last week is because I've won a home security system but your wonderful company isn't even certain that I own a home? And your tone is condescending to me? You know, let me talk to your manager. ... 

Anyway, I said yes that I own a home and yes we already have security so I'd like to be ....

And then he hung up. What? You can't hang up on me. I hang up on you, Mr. Telemarketer.

But even worse, you can't hang up on me when I didn't even give the goods. I didn't even repeat everything you said back to you (for you Jo-Ann), or ask you if you've accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior (thanks Ellen), or even ask if your refrigerator was running (thanks 5th-grade self). 

I guarantee this gentleman did NOT take me off the call list and will receive calls later this week. Lord help 'em! Momma is going to be set off! Give your best suggestions! 


mom said...

I think I'd want to know IF he owns his own home. and then perhaps if he has home security. maybe ha ha

Am I Really Grown Up? said...

Very funny. We get calls like that about lowering our credit card rates. I've pointed out to them on numerous occasions that we pay off our credit cards in full every month so it doesn't matter. But it doesn't stop them from calling again!

Katie @ Chronicles of KT said...

this is hilarious!...go check out my blog won an award :)

Stephanie said...

I just found your blog and this post made me laugh! I'm so with you - it's like you have all of these wonderful things to say to all of these idiots that keep calling and then you freeze! So frustrating!

Now following! Love the title (and I love me some salt!) and I'm a fellow LA girl! :)

XOXO, Stephanie @ Blonde Highlights

-Emily- said...

OMG I hate these callers, ESPECIALLY during nap time. I can jump thru the phone in less than a heart beat if a telemarketer wakes my baby up...don't even get me started on this...

the workaholic momma said... frustrating!!! Telemarketers drive me nuts...I lose all patience when they call!!!!